Welcome Fellow Book Dragons

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. G.K. Chesterton

My name is Drakon T. Longwitten. This is my introduction to you, fellow Book Dragons. Like myself, you may also devour books. I will have a Gem each day, a different facet, a bit of a menu if you will, to help you plan your next literary feast, the next Gem in your Treasure Chest.

Because we Dragons lead such busy lives, damsels to capture, knights to roast, villages to terrify….I am going to give the days of the week monikers, then you can follow at your leisure, perhaps while picking a well roasted highwayman from your canines.

We will also have giveaways and contests on my Facebook page, Tales From The Book Dragon.

Mystery Monday: Dedicated to Mysteries, Thrillers, Suspense

Tea Time Tuesday: Dedicated to Cozies, Light Romance, Comfort

Whimsical Wednesday: Dedicated to Oddities, Journals, Art, Music

Throwback Thursday: Dedicated to History, Classics, Memoir

Freakish Friday: Dedicated to the Macabre, Monsters, Magic

Saturdays Child: Dedicated to Faery Tales,Creatures, Pretend

Sacred Sunday: Dedicated to Our Creator, Faith, Hope, Charity

I hope this brief missive has peaked your interest. I hope you drop by at least once a week or more. The best Authors will be here. . .I will also be opening my Treasure Chest and giving away some of the contents at times.

You can drop me a line and let me know how you like the fare, suggest menus for my feasting or if you are an author (my favorite taste in people) please email me at talesfromthebookdragon@gmail.com

See you soon..until then fly high and fan your flames!

Freakish Friday

4 Flames

Welcome to Freakish Friday my Fellow Book Dragons! Our Gem this blustery evening is one never seen here before. Let me get it from this palm wood box and I will show you. It is wrapped in this piece of leopard hide. Here we are. Feel it’s smoothness, worn by 400 years of existence, the small chinks here and there from the battles it went through. No, you are correct, this is no ordinary Gem, this is an elephant’s tooth from the necklace of the great Kisa, African Sorceress and Defender and Protector of her people. Her tale was brought out of Africa by Gem Maker M.E. Skeel who recorded it from a man in Africa.

This is the tale of Kisa, who learned the ways of medicine, magic and military defense of her people from the Sorceress of her village and a Japanese Samurai. She was a chosen child, set apart from the others because of a great sense of curiosity, a sensitivity to her environment and the Sorceress could see the gift in her. She takes Kisa under her wing and begins to mold her, teach her, shape her. She helps Kisa to understand her Spirit Animal when she sees it, to learn the magic, to understand her history, to call on the gods and communicate with nature.

Kisa learns her lessons well and it is a good thing because evil is coming to her tribe. Slavers. They capture, they sell. At one point Skeel breaks off to give a lesson in Slavers and the reason for it. It is very well done, but I believe it could have been done a bit better by incorporating it into the story, rather than making it a separate part, as Alex Haley did in “Roots“. It became a bit academic for me. But it is vital information to understand.

Kisa and her people are realistic. The conversation is original and solid. There is no modern lingo and it too, is realistic. Characters like the Black Samurai are very believable and there are no wasted voices here. I can see Africa when I read this book. I can see these people. My imagination suspended reality and I was there.

I loved Kisa. She is strong, she is intelligent, she loves her people. She is all woman and she is all warrior. She is one of the best heroines I have read in the last five years. Bravo, Ms. Skeel, bravo! I am saving this book for my grandchildren. I know they will want to read of her as well.

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review and then I purchased a copy to keep for my grandchildren.

Throwback Thursday

4 Flames

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday, my Fellow Book Dragons! I hope Old Man Winter is treating you well! Tonight’s Gem is bright red, it is round and the edges are carved with uneven lines…if you hold it in the light it doesn’t sparkle or glare, but it is clear and the light seems to resonate through it. In fact, when not in the light it looks like a ball of yarn. The artisan has carved it so caringly. This is Gem Maker Erina Bridget Ring’s “Knit 2, Purl 2, Kill 2” .

It is Bridget’s own story of being her mother’s main caregiver of her mother while she was dying. Her story may be familiar to you, if you have been the primary caregiver of an elderly parent or spouse or child.

Constant trips to doctors, hospitals, specialists and the like had her physically exhausted, mentally frazzled and emotionally spent. She needed something to calm her nerves, give her a temporary escape and allow some beauty in where sickness and medical procedures were so often was the view of the day. She comes across a yarn shop and sees a woman she knows. She decides to step inside. The colors are inviting and as Bridget already has a crafty, artistic bent, she decides she might learn to knit. It’s something portable, convenient to do and she can start and stop while waiting on her mother to get done at appointments or when she must stay the night with her.

Unfortunately, she finds the women in the shop less than inviting, curt, cold and inconsiderate, though their mouths say otherwise. They are rude and at times, down right mean. Odd thing for a shop that depends on paying customers to stay in business.

As usual, this would not be an Erina Bridget Ring book without the zany cast of characters. Those people all of us know and many of have successfully learn to avoid or to make friends with, because all of us need a bit of eccentricity in our lives. Her Mom. Columbia educated, fun, intelligent, excellent mother, grandma and friend until that old thief Dementia came in the night. There is her husband Jack, ever present with loving support and a calm demeanor. Father Castro, always ready with prayerful support and a good idea. The Nutty Knitting Negative Nancys as I call them: Corrie – brusk and rude, but helpful, Rachel – seems sweet, if not a bit ‘touched’, Dede – seems to live on a diet of raw lemons with a vinegar chaser, Lydia – sweet behind closed doors but scared of Corrie and Janie – loves to ask how are you and then scuttle off to whisper with another lady while throwing sidelong glances in Bridget’s direction. These women seemed to have stopped maturing somewhere around grade six. As in the group from Bridget’s ‘Diapers, Drama and Deceit‘ our heroine seems to be a magnet for this type of personality. Then there is her family, a multitude of siblings.

None of the siblings lives close enough to help with Mom. Bridget makes trips daily to care for her, she lives in an assisted living facility, and so they only provide so much help. The additional aids that are starting to be needed must be found, interviewed and paid for out of pocket and still her mother will need more care. It is up to Bridget to carry out her mother’s wishes. Will she get through it without cracking up?

If you or someone you know is caring for a loved one, I would really encourage you to read this book and know you are not alone. I wish I had been able to read it when I was helping my mother care for my father. It is currently available on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Whimsical Wednesday

5 Flames

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday my fellow Wonderful Wyverns! I hope this week has been good for you so far. Our Gem this evening comes from a far away land. The Kingdom of Goranin. Haven’t heard of it. It is indeed ancient. This Gem is over ten centuries old. Look at it. Looks like ice doesn’t it? Frosted, cold, but feel it, it pulses. Hold it to the light. See inside. A faint, reddish liquid inside pulsates. A rare Goraninian Blood Stone. It was found beneath the ruins of a castle and passed down through my family for generations. It’s name: “Eiagan’s Winter” and it’s history was written by Gem Maker M.J. Padgett.

This is a tale for the ages! It is the story of how Queen Eiagan, once immortal and all powerful, lost both her immortality and her power. She ruled the Kingdom of Goranin with a fist of Iron and in a moment of trickery all was lost to Man whom the people cried out to rule over them, that he might loosen the hardness of their task mistress.

Padgett has put together a completely wonderful world. This is not an ordinary tale of myth and magic, sword and sorcery. It is as though she stumbled upon some ancient recipe and in so doing somehow stole the essence of Lewis, Tolkien and Yong to conceive an aperitif of adventure. Here there be dragons, sorcerers, winged healers, rebels, shape-shifting beings, rebels, spies, still more deadly creatures that I have only read of here and more. This world does not always respond as the one we are one. Like Tolkien she has taken the time to note a new system of measurement, language, characteristics (no one has blue eyes), etc. This is fantastic. I will not go into more detail because I am going to spoil it for you, but I will say this. Her people are not going to get exactly what they wanted in their new master and Eiagan is not going to roll over and play dead.

If you are looking for a new fantasy series this is excellent and quite reasonably priced.https://www.amazon.com/Eiagans-Winter-History-Goranin-Book-ebook/dp/B07ZR4VP2X I cannot wait for Part II. I am also looking in to reading her other works as well. I understand she has a series called Grimm!

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Tea Time Tuesday

5 Flames

Welcome to this week’s Tea Time Tuesday my fellow Book Dragons. Our Gem this evening is absolutely brilliant! A diamond in the shape of a prism, this one throws off rainbows at the oddest times and places. Go ahead, hold it, suspend it in the light and watch it for a while. See? Even when you start to feel a bit sad, it once again catches the light and, it seems, even the very air, around it and throws off another rainbow. This is Gem Maker Marilyn Simon Rothstein’s “Husbands and Other Sharp Objects“.

This is the tale of Marcy Hammer, late middle age, mum of three grown children, executive director of the Art Guild and most recently, abandoned wife of Harvey “The Home-Wrecker” Hammer. She is making a new life for herself and this includes a fabulous new gentleman friend, Jon. He’s an English Professor with a fantastic knack for being able to quote the first line of any classic novel Marcy has so far been able to name. He’s down to earth, sexy, sweet and good looking. Seems Harvey may have done Marcy a favor when he impregnated his 20 year old Argentine mistress.

Of course, Harvey also did his mistress a favor by giving said mistress money to start a new business before bundling her and the new baby girl back down to Buenos Aires. Harvey has also introduced their daughter to one of his lawyers, has not actually spoken to the children about the split mainly being his fault and doesn’t seem to get that Marcy really has a right to move on.

Marcy and Harvey’s offspring seem more than a bit spoiled and used to good old Mum doing everything for everyone. Marcy never gets called about dinner dates, she’s just expected to be there when told, her own plans be damned. She doesn’t get let in on new beaus, new jobs, new moves, until Zero Hour. Pretty inconsiderate little beasties. Harvey seems to have had more influence on his offspring than he thought.

So where does all this end? Does Marcy get to “do” Marcy or will Marcy go back to “miserable” to make everyone happy? I’m not telling because you know I do NOT do spoilers. That said, let’s talk about this book.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I laughed more in the first chapter than I have laughed in ages. “Husbands and Other Sharp Objects” is a fantastically funny, heartfelt, brainy novel that is made for everyone…but if you are a woman of the Boomer Generation, ‘Sister Marilyn heaves a big ol’ hammer and she used that puppy to smack the head on one heck of a nail! ‘(Here I quote my secretary Susan, I am not female, not a “Boomer” whatever that is and ergo, have not the foggiest of what she speaks).

Marilyn Simon Rothstein is a combination of Erica Jong and Erma Bombeck. Like some long secret Baby Half-Sister. You must read this novel. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you need a little laughter, this will do it, hands down, bar none. It is currently available on Kindle Unlimited for FREE. But all it’s forms are very, very reasonably priced. https://www.amazon.com/Husbands-Other-Sharp-Objects-Novel-ebook/dp/B01MCST6KY

Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received this book in a drawing.

Mystery Monday

5 Flames

Welcome back to Mystery Monday my fellow Book Dragons. Tonight’s Gem is quite poisonous. You won’t dare touch it. Like one of those medieval rings that holds a poison or has poisoned prongs that can scratch, this one is deadly. See how innocent it looks? To the naked eye, it is the most beautiful of pearls. Translucent, a faint rainbow in it hue, it looks harmless and beautiful. This is Gem Makers’ Lisa Pulitzer and Cole Thompson’s “Portrait of a Monster: Jordan Van Der Sloot”.

I’m sure we all remember Jordan if we live in the U.S. or Peru. Jordan who was tall and good looking, the kind of boy you might like living next door to. Jordan, whose family was well off and whose mother and father worked hard to give their three sons a good education and a decent place to live, threw all that away to get what he wanted. Jordan is a Sociopath with a capital S. He murdered Peruvian Stephany Flores for her money, he most certainly murdered Natalee Holloway. Jordan is a compulsive gambler, a pathological liar, a thief and the list goes on.

This was a fantastic study in the machinations of the International Serial Killer. How he is made. Ms. Pulitzer and Mr. Thompson left no stone unturned. They tell the story of both young women. They lay out the stories of their families. The pain of their parents, siblings and friends is apparent. They never let us forget these young women were loved, they existed, they were human beings who were large parts of other’s lives.

If you love true crime, are studying criminology or are an armchair sleuth, this is one book you must read. This is available in all formats and currently is available in mass market paperback on Amazon for $1.99. Get yours while they last!

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received my copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday's Child

5 Flames

Welcome my fellow Book Dragons to Saturday’s Child. Our Gem this evening is a beautiful bit of Sea Glass that was found by my middle Grandnestling in her school library . She gave it to me and suggested I study it, as she found it quite beautiful and interesting and said it held her attention so thoroughly that she asked Father Christmas to bring her one of her very own. And as Father Christmas is also a Book Dragon, he did so. This is Gem Maker Kristin Kladstrup’s “Book of Story Beginnings”.

This is the tale of Lucy Martin who, along with her family, moves to her father’s ancestral home in Iowa. She finds out that her father’s Uncle Oscar disappeared when he was 14. But this was not an ordinary disappearance. He disappeared in a row boat on an ocean…that appeared on the Iowa farm house grounds. If you know your geography, you know that cannot be possible. Iowa being where it is and oceans being where they are.

Lucy is determined to find out the how and why and wherefores. She discovers a magic notebook. Apparently whatever Oscar wrote in the notebook became reality. Oscar reappears, but is distraught when he realizes his family and everyone he knew is dead. Ms. Kladstrup handles this very nicely and shows that while we do not pick our family, we can certainly choose who we treat as family.

Lucy then realizes things she has written in the notebook have now put her own family in danger. She needs Oscar to help her navigate ‘The Book of Story Beginnings’ to save her family. Will they succeed? Or will Lucy, like Oscar, have to wait another century for someone to help her find her way back?

I can see why my Grandnestling loved this book! It is full of adventure, kindness, melancholy, danger and magic. All the things that draw nestlings to a good story. Nestlings wrestle with their emotions and imaginings. It is stories like this one that help them work those out, deal with them and sometimes cause the occasional nestling to grow up to be a Gem Maker and Dragon Feeder themselves.

This book is currently available on Amazon for some pretty amazing prices. Kindle is approximately $5.00, Hardback $1.99, and Paperback $1.25. If you would love to send your nestling on a high adventure, it’s relatively low cost to do. Why not do it today?

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I borrowed this book from my Grandnestling.

Freakish Friday

4 Flames

Welcome to Freakish Friday my fiery, fiction feasting Fafnirs. I bring you this evening a dark and smoky Gem, glowing with all the evils of war. Give me a moment whilst I pull on these chain gloves. I will not even allow my claws to touch the very lead-lined ancient ammunition box that holds it. Here it is. See how it still, to this very day, 100 years later, gives off tiny streams of sulfuric smoke? Notice the thinnest of glowing green and yellow lines that pulse and glow within? Do you feel as though something has been staring at you surreptitiously since I have drawn it from it’s leaden casket? Here, here, stop shivering now. I shall put it back while you pour us a cuppa and I will tell you about it. This is Gem Maker Shami Stovall’s “A Company Of Monsters”.

This is a tale of soldier Florence Cavell. She hides her identity as a soldier named Charles. The time is WWI. Females are not allowed in combat roles. Not even Sorcerer Soldiers. You see, Charles is part of an elite regiment called ‘The Ethereal Squadron‘. This squadron is made up of sorcerers. All have very distinct gifts. Some can see into the future. Some can walk through walls. Florence can. Her codename is ‘Geist‘ (German for Ghost) because of it. Some can make weaponry, some have great speed, others can boost another sorcerer’s power. All have codenames to protect themselves, their fellow soldiers and their families.

Geist, as we will refer to her from now on, leads a very elite band. They have a mission to get into Russia and get out with four of the leading sorcerer families while there is still time. While the Tsar is still fighting against the enemy. This is not an easy mission. Evil sorcerers fight with the enemy. They have developed a type of gas that turns humans and animals into mutated monsters. That person who was once your neighbor and friend is now a creature you would not recognize and who would glad eat you and your family for breakfast. Are you, yourself a sorcerer? Then you may look forward to being drained of your blood to further the enemy in making the gas better, stronger and in allowing the enemy to further it’s own powers.

Will Geist and her team succeed? Or will the enemy win? I loved this book! It is science fiction, fantasy and history all in one Dragon’s Feast of a tale. There are battles, sorcerers, magic, science and fantasy mixed in with real historical events, people and places, and new (at the time) technologies. Shami gives us all this on a golden platter of excellent writing. Her biography states she loves these genres and it is easy to tell because only a person who loves these subjects could give us so wonderful a story. I can see her sitting in front of a room with a blank book and a pen and saying .. “Come along with me, such wonders we will see! ” and off we go…

This series is available on Amazon and I do hope to bring you a review of the rest of the series. As you know I do not give 5 Flames until I have read the entire series..so do not be surprised if you see the 4 Flame rating here change in the next few months.

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Throwback Thursday

5 Flames

Welcome to Throwback Thursday my thrilling Thevetats of Tomes. Tonight our Gem is quite stunning. Topaz in likeness, stunning in its radiance, it’s color, like Autumn leaves at their peak, as liquid gold stopped in some magical spell. It seems perfect doesn’t it? But let us pull it from such bright like and let the glare go down a bit and take a closer look. Use the Jeweler’s Eye. See the cracks, the flaws, the seams which appear to be ready to come completely apart? This is Gem Maker Grace Metalious’ “Peyton Place”.

The book itself is a throwback. Published in 1956, a time when a book was considered a best seller if an author sold 6,000 to 8,000 copies in the first 8 weeks, Grace’s book sold 65,000 copies in the first twelve weeks. The copy I own was printed in 1957, and was the books 12th printing. Sales like this at a time when there was no 24 hour news, no internet, no talk shows that would have talked about the taboo subjects in Grace’s book. Nice girls and lady’s didn’t read books like Peyton Place.

Peyton Place, the town is the main character, that is full of colorful characters. It is set in 1937 and spans World War II. Allison MacKenzie and her friend Selena Cross. This is no ordinary coming of age story. This is not “Our Town” or “The Waltons” and all is not right with the world. Grace had grown up in a small New England town and lived in them. She knew how mean, snide and petty people could be. She also knew how kind they could be and that sometimes the kindest people of all were the ones with the most to lose or had the least to give. She was bold. She wrote her heart. The subject matter was blockbuster: addiction, illegitimacy, adultery, incest, murder and suicide just to name a few. The story itself centers around two young women.

The book is in print. It can be gotten in book stores, ordered on line, on Kindle and in used book stores. That is where I got mine. A used book store. I would encourage you to read it. In a time where everyone pines about the ‘good old days’, its all right to realize that with all the trouble and heartache we see now..at least most of us don’t live in “Peyton Place”.

Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I purchased this copy for my private library.

Whimsical Wednesday

1 Flame

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday, my dear Book Dragons. I do apologize. I realize this is Thursday, but I was in battle with a fearsome Knight who came upon me late last evening and sought to do battle quite near sunset. His name: Sir Neuro Pathus. We battled for hours and though I won the round with prayers and support from those of you who heard my blast for fellow warriors, I’ve a feeling I have not heard the last from this black-hearted knave!

Tonight I have no gem, alas, not even a mineral. This thing that was presented to me does not even make a good tale. It actually made my scales shudder when I deigned to force meself to finish it. This is Xavier Perez-Pons’ Sherlock Holmes “The Embarrassing Cases”.

The premise of the book is that Dr. Watson must get Holmes busy with a case otherwise he has to sit and listen to Holmes brain “gurgle”. I love a good satire as much as the next person and was hoping this would be one, unfortunately this was not the case. I had not gone three sentences when the grammar became unreadable. I went over one sentence four times to make sense of it. The first page had three more sentences like this. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and blame the translator but could not find where this might have been the case or that I had been given an advance reader’s copy that had not completed editing yet. It does happen and I do tend to overlook certain things when I am told that in advance. Why? Because in the heat of passion ( and furiously writing down an idea before One loses it is passionate work indeed) we are apt to make mistakes. So by then end of the first few pages Mr. Pons was down from five Flames to three. I soldiered on.

These are not some side characters in a book no one has heard of. These are no less than SHERLOCK HOLMES and DR. JOHN WATSON. If One is going to take on the task of using their characters, whether for satire or in all seriousness, get them right. I did not recognize the insane Holmes in the first few sentences. Even Robert Downey, Jr.’s eye solution drinking Holmes was lucid and recognizable. There are wonderful examples of writers taking over famous author’s famous characters and doing them justice. Two examples come to mind. This first is Sophie Hannah writing as Agatha Christie and creating Hercule Poirot stories that I love! I recognize this detective from his mustaches and egg-shaped head all the way to his “bon!” and “leetle grey cells”. Or Gregory MaGuire’s “Wicked” . This is satire, but I still knew Miss Gulch was under there, I just knew it. Gregory never let us forget that there was a bicycle flying around out there somewhere. Now we are down from three Flames to one. And so this is something I have never done before in a review. I have given a one. It pains me.

The one is for the cover. The cover was lovely. I really wish the book had been as good as the drawing on the front. That cover gave me hope. I was looking forward to some great satire as it reminded me of those wonderful caricature drawings I saw in magazines like the New Yorker, when I was a nestling. Men like Al Hirschfeld, Mort Drucker and Ralph Steadman could put a definite spin on a famous face. I do hope Mr. Pons re-thinks this book and reworks it. He had a good premise. He had a great cover. He had a great title. Now if he can just get that story!

Until later this evening, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway.

Tea Time Tuesday

4 Flames

Happy Tea Time Tuesday all! Tonight’s Gem is in this little black box? Let us open it and peruse the contents. Ahhh..it is a diamond ring. A small engagement ring. Nothing fancy. Something a working man would buy for the woman he loves until he can get her a nicer one on down the road. See the diamond, small but polished so that is captures the eye? The gold has also been polished to catch the glimmer of the sun. How beautiful. How lovely. How dangerous… This is Gem Maker Trish Butler’s Ctrl+Alt+Deleted. A tale of suspense worth the reading.

If Trish’s name sounds familiar to you, it is because she has also written the Redway Series. I reviewed the first one in the series a few weeks ago. Those are historical romance, this is anything but. This is the first in her “Rockmond PD Mystery” series. This is the tale for Jaso Mateo. Hard working officer in a Missing Person’s Unit. He has a lovely girlfriend, Charlotte McBain. Cool blonde, knows her computers. They make a lovely, if fiery couple. Jaso is a great guy. He loves Charlotte, but he also loves his friends and family. And he protects those he loves.

Charlotte also works on the Missing Person’s Unit. Sharp, smart and a bit quirky Charlotte holds a secret from Jaso she is sure will ruin their relationship. She wants so very much to tell him, but is terrified that it will end their love.

Early one morning, after a late night argument and make up sex (the sex in this book is explicit, though not over the top, Jaso gets a call. It is from his friend Jimena. At one time they were engaged, but Jimena threw Jaso over for her now husband. She is crying, telling him her husband has left her for the last time. She needs him, she is along and afraid. Charlotte is understanding and tells Jaso she will not stand in the way if Jimena is who he wants. He doesn’t want her, he stopped loving her a long time ago, he wants Charlotte, but he goes to comfort Jimena as a friend and to make sure her daughter is alright.

When he comes home, there are police officers everywhere and Charlotte is no where to be found. Where is she? How does one find the person who finds Missing Persons? What if she doesn’t want to be found, what if she’s dead? The list of suspects grows with friends, enemies, lovers and exes. It is a deadly game, but someone has to play and Jaso wants to so very badly, but he has a bad temper and a drinking problem.

I really liked this novel. It is a good, solid story and fast paced. There is a lot of time jumping here with flashbacks, resent and old and the main story. I believe it could have done with a few less flashbacks, but this barely detracted from the story.

If you are looking for a good psychological romp, Ctrl+Alt+Deleted is for you!

Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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