Throwback Thursday

4 Flames

Happy Halloween my Fellow Book Dragons! Our last day of October and it’s a fitting evening for it here. It is windy, a bit rainy and the moon is over cast, giving the clouds that Gothic castle look from the opening of my lair…ah, just perfect. Our Gem this Throwback Thursday is deep forest green. It faintly glows and One can smell mild cedar and spruce emanating from it’s ragged edges.

This Gem is Outfitters by Gem Maker Carmen White. This is the story of her family’s adventure into outfitting. No, it’s not a story of a family of fashionistas. This is a story of a family who take hunters on a trips into the wild, mountainous regions of Idaho. “Idaho?” I can hear you asking. “I thought Idaho was for potatoes.” Well, my dear Beasties, it is for potatoes, but it is also full of wildlife, bear, deer, elk and more.

Carmen’s family began their adventures when she was a very young girl. They bought the business from a man who had operated it for years. He stayed on for a year to teach them how to run it and then he left. They learned to pack mules and train horses to be both pack animals and trail horses for riding. Carmen and her siblings learned to set up a base camp for cooking, washing and bedding down themselves and hunters. She tells wonderful, sometimes creepy stories of being seemingly lost in those mountains in the pitch black of night. Of being thrown from horses, and learning to get back on. We learn about outdoor privies, showers and kitchens. Wildlife and not just what is hunted, but about what hunts them, like Pack Rats. No, my friends, that is not just something seen on “Hoarders”. A Pack Rat is about 15 inches long, furry and ..well I will let Carmen tell you the rest.

I liked this novella. Carmen and her kin learned many lessons growing up. How to use their hands and their heads. How to be compassionate and unselfish. Most of all they learned that children do not need technology to survive in this world and that is a lesson all children need. I only gave it four flames because I feel we could have used many more stories. I am sure enough happened in those years we could have seen at least 100 more pages of loving, learning and living. It was over all too soon. Perhaps she will give us another book soon!

If you are looking for a neat little gift or stocking stuffer for a boy or girl who loves the outdoors, horses and fun, this is the book! That hunter on your list will love this one also. I have someone in mind myself! You can find this book on Amazon and I do hope you will get a copy. It’s a treat! The illustrations were very nice as well.

Remember, just a few hours until my October giveaway is over at 11:59 pm EST on my Facebook page. Two winners this month! Until tomorrow I remain, Your Humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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