Mystery Monday

5 Flames

Welcome Fellow Book Dragons! Our Gem this Mystery Monday is black with veins of orange and smells of heat, copper and gun powder. It is Gem Maker Jonathon Maberry’s RAGE. This is the first in his Joe Ledger International Series. This is my first time meeting Joe Ledger and his team. I was impressed.

I read the first six chapters and felt as though I were caught on a fast moving train. The action did not stop for the first 15 minutes I was reading. It was amazing. I haven’t read a book like this in ages. I loved it.

Joe and his international team remind me of the books I have read about spies in the O. S.S. in the days of WWII. Everyone has a nickname and a specialty. Everyone is needed and there is no one there who is ballast, well except maybe Harry, but I won’t tell, you’ll have to read and find out for yourself.

The bad guys in this one are REALLY bad. They remind me of the old Ian Fleming villains. Nothing is to over the top. These people are sadists. I think we forget they are out there. They manipulate, they order, they destroy and all too often they have more money than Bill Gates or Croesus (depends on how the stock market is doing that day, I’d guess).

The villain’s in this one want a reunified Korea or no Korea. No in-between. No compromise. All or Nothing Game. They have a bio-weapon. Nasty little thing. It turns people into mindless, cannibalizing zombies. They laugh. They laugh and laugh and laugh while munching on their neighbors, friends and family. This is not your ordinary tummy bug.

Joe and his team must stop them, they must put an end to this. Can they? I hope so. I’m not telling. This is my first Joe Ledger novel, as I said. It will not be my last.

Our November Giveaway is a $10 Amazon Card and a Surprise Goody Bag. I will be posting details on how to win it tomorrow :)… Until then, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

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