Tea Time Tuesday

4 Flames

Top of the evening to you, my fellow Book Dragons! I do hope Tea Time Tuesday finds you well and having had a good day. This Tea Time’s Gem is pure white, crystallized like ice and snow. It is beautiful as it sparkles in the light, especially the light of a Christmas tree. See how it’s brilliance makes you smile?

Our Gem Maker this evening is Jenn McKinlay of cozy mystery fame. This is her second in book in the “A Happily Ever After Romance” Series. This sweet romance is set at Christmas time with Savannah helping her friend Maisy still working on getting her book store “Happily Ever After” off the ground. Savannah is not in a very Christmas-y mood. She hates Christmas to begin with. And her sudden career crash hasn’t helped things. She is still devising ways to get back at the executive who ruined her wonderful career in New York publishing, and who can blame her? It’s hard to turn the other cheek when you are publicly humiliated, robbed and then canned. But Savannah has time. She has gone back to Fairdale, North Carolina to help her best friend Maisy get this book store off the ground and make it a rousing success. There is just one fly in this ointment. Well one Fly Guy.

Enter Quino, aka Joaquin. Handsome, built, kind, compassionate, loves kids, his younger sister, truly cares for the people in his life and loves Christmas. He’s perfect. He’s the kind of guy other women would feel blessed just to have him say hello to them. Not Savannah. She sees him as an impediment to getting back to New York and civilization. He sees her as his future wife. She can’t NOT think about him when he’s within kissing, uh, I mean spitting distance. He thinks about her all the time. What can go wrong? Or better yet, what can’t go right?

This was a lovely Christmas romance. It will make you want to pull out the tree, the lights, the Bing Crosby and Harry Connick, Jr. albums, the tinsel and sugar cookies. The secondary characters are wonderful and none are a waste of space. They add to the atmosphere, and Savannah and Quino would not be who they are without them. You will not need tissues (okay, not many) and you will find yourself laughing out loud a time or three. When was the last time a romance novel did that for you? I only gave it four flames instead of five because the book is so sweetly written that the intimate scenes seem a bit, well, explicit when I got to them, but that is me and I am old fashioned. I am sure others will think I am being old fashioned when they read them.

If you are looking for a read to get you in the Christmas Spirit, this is it. And when you buy it, buy a second one for that Secret Sister on your list and drop it on her desk. She will love you for it. Enjoy! Remember to check my Facebook page for our November Giveaway Instructions. And to check out 11/2 for the new Professional Blogger’s Journal on sale now on Amazon. 300 Entry Spaces should get you through the next year and perhaps a bit more!

Until tomorrow I remain, Drakon T. Longwitten, your humble Book Dragon

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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