Whimsical Wednesday

3 Flames

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday my fellow Book Dragons. Today I bring you not a Gem, but a semi-precious stone. It is cloudy and discolored. Dark, almost black, but nearer a deep blue. It gives off a feeling of loneliness and one doesn’t want to hold it long. The creator is Jon Sands. It is a memoir and yet, it is not.

The poems are alright, some are pretty good. One, more of an essay, is very good. But for the most part I could not sink my teeth nor claws into these because nearly everyone contains an expletive. This, for me, is not poetry. Poetry for me, must touch my heart, my soul, it must, on some level connect with the every spirit on some level. This book fails to achieve that for me.

I believe there is a time and place for strong language. It may be to give emphasis, to strike a chord where no other word would do the same. When strong language is constantly cast about, it becomes boring. Strong language for shock value shows me a vocabulary that is wanting. I was less than impressed and as I have now made that clear. Let me talk about the one poem/essay I did like.

It is called ‘Above Ground’ and it is about a message the author sent on Facebook to a girl he’d had an embarrassing incident with when both were in their early teens. He’d wanted to apologize and get it out in the open. It had bothered him all those years. He is surprised by her reaction. Her kindness about it, the fact that had they both been honest and not afraid of what other people thought, they might have been able to have forged a relationship or at the least, a friendship. I loved it’s honesty and the way it shows how people change and grow over time. The way the things we think as teens will be the end of the world are not, in the grand scheme of things that important at all.

If you are from the Cincinnati area, as the author was growing up, you may find this interesting as he mentions many of the places, streets and happenings there in the late 80’s through the late 90’s. Please do not forget to check out my November Giveaway!

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of this book from Beacon Press through a Goodreads giveaway.

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  1. Thank you for the honest review. I appreciate the pluses you mentioned. I have a hard time with much of contemporary poetry because of the language and images. It doesn’t work for me. Call me old-fashioned. I also delete any posts on FB that have expletives. To each their own, I guess.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments, I am glad you enjoyed the review. Some of my favorite poets do use a strong word now and again, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, and most recently, Janine Riker. But when its constant, it loses it’s power and I don’t believe people understand just how powerful words really are.


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