Throwback Thursday

5 Flames

Welcome back my fellow Book Dragons. It is once again Throwback Thursday. This week we go back to the 1980’s when Cocaine was King and Miami was his Palace. Our Gem this evening is powder white, it’s crystal’s catching the light, it’s veins of red seem to pulse and glitter with each facet. The longer we look at it the more enticing it becomes. Let us remove it from it’s box. It feels heavy and foreboding. The smell, oh what is that smell? Death my friends.. death is in the air around this Gem that so many are willing to risk everything for.

Our Gem Makers are two men, retired DEA agents. Steve Murphy and Javier F. Pena. They come from small town backgrounds. Both tell us their stories of how they started in law enforcement and ended up on the trail of the most notorious drug kingpin in recent history. Pablo Escobar. That is a name that should be familiar to all of us, if you are over the age of 18, surely you have heard of Pablo. Pablo who was considered a Robin Hood by some and Satan by others. Pablo was good at spreading his money around when it suited his purposes. For example, in poor neighborhoods when he wanted all eyes and ears watching out for him. He provided food and festivals, medicine and merchandise. Pablo would then turn those same neighborhoods into hell holes where the same families who had loved him, began to hate him. He turned their daughters into prostitutes and their sons into drug dealers and his soldiers. Their houses became safe houses. ‘Robin Hood’ demanded a steep price for his generosity.

Murphy and Pena go to great lengths to break down Escobar’s cartel, his associates and show us just how Columbia worked when Pablo was in full power. It was not pretty. Breathing wrong could get a person killed. People disappeared. In a raid on the Supreme Court over an extradition treaty with the United States that would allow members of cartels, actually any drug dealer to be extradited to stand trial in the U.S., 11 of 25 judges ended up dead, dozens of soldiers, several of Escobar’s men and another 10 people simply disappeared and have never been found. He ran for office and won. He assassinated politicians and their families. He kidnapped and tortured people. He would coax people to his house for parties and then they “disappeared”.

Escobar put hits on DEA agents. Pena was ordered to leave his apartment once taking only his gun because Escobar’s people had figured out the apartment he lived in. They did not play games. But in the end, they got him. I’m not going into detail. To do so would be to spoil the suspense. This book is gripping. Even if you have watched the show Narcos on Netflix, this book is better. There is more detail and you really get to know the agents. I loved it. If you are fan of true crime, which I am, I love watching bad guys get busted, you will love this book.

You can get it now on Amazon and by pre-ordering and save 48% off the hard back price of 28.99. It’s only $14.99, and a great Christmas gift for the true crime lover on your list!

Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy from the publisher, St. Martin’s Press through Goodreads.

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