Saturday’s Child

4 Flames

Salutations my Serpentine Sisters and Brothers. Welcome to this evening’s Saturday’s Child. This evening’s Gem is not a book, it’s an event. This Gem is mercurial, silvery, slippery, constantly moving. Beautiful, and it seems to have bubbles running through it. Hold it up to your ear and you can hear the sound of children’s laughter one minute, pull it away and watch it cloud over and you hear the sound of a Dementor, toss it back in it’s box and shut the lid, open it again and you hear the ear piercing scream of a mandrake and the thing has turned green. It’s never ending in it’s ability to change. Amazing. There is only one place to find it – Ironton, Ohio. This is WizardFest 2019.

Our Nestling and I and our three Grandnestling’s went today. We had a grand old time. We met Headmaster Dumbledore and Professors McGonagall and Snape. Hermione, Harry, Ron and Fluffy (myself and the middle grandnestling sang him (them?) to sleep) and many more. We each sat under the Sorting Hat and yours truly ended up in Ravenclaw, can you believe it? We met some wonderfully interesting people today besides all the folks from Hogwarts!

The lovely Brookbend Prather (Whispering Wind) who creates Dragons! Yes! Dragons..some of the loveliest renditions of our kind I have ever had the honor to see. So realistic were her works of art that I immediately wanted one to bring home. This woman is amazing. In her other life before she was a Dragon Creator extraordinaire, she was a heroine, but that is her story to tell and not mine. I was honored to meet her.

Next on our WizardFest adventure I met Tale Teller, D. Wayne Harbison, who gifted me a book in exchange for an honest review. You will be seeing his tale “Shadow on the Road Not Taken” in a future column right here! He was such a kind man and you could tell right away, by the magical twinkle in his eye, that he was a story teller! As soon as it was in my claws I could tell this was going to be a good one!

At the “Enchanted Emporium” I saw the loveliest cloaks and pendants. Magic boxes and all things bright and beautiful. I have always wanted a cloak and now I know where to get a really nice one. They are opening a shop in December. The most magical month of the year! How appropriate!

There was also a quaint stall in the market place called “Granny’s”. They sold all kinds of things Witch Lights, and Magical Locks and Keys and Dragon’s Eggs. I, myself, purchased a Dragon’s Egg with a replica baby that looks very like our own little nestling when she was hatched. It lights up inside and is quite beautiful.

There was Butter Beer, for what would life be without it? Broom Makers, those ever so lovely modes of travel for our non-winged friends. Always looks so uncomfortable to me, thank heaven for my wings! Then there was the Hungarian Wand Shop..wands for every hand, head and heart!

Lastly, we popped in a shop for a brief moment. They were doing a bit of lunch called “Tea With Hermione”, I believe it was to look like Professor Unger’s office as it was very pink. It wasn’t quite as Potter-esque as it was Disney, but if you are in the area and have little girls and would love to do a birthday party this would be the place. They are very, very kind. The name of the business is “Fairytales and Wishing Wells”.

This was Ironton’s second year with WizardFest and it was so much fun! I gave it 4 Flames. They are adding things each year. So let’s talk about some technical things. There were lots of vendors. Prices were varied greatly, which was nice. There were lots of restrooms, which was also nice, especially since there were so many families. The Cos-Play folks were in constant motion, walking, willing to do photo ops for free. Ramps were spaced along the sidewalks which was very convenient for those with buggy’s, wheelchairs, etc. The streets were immaculate. Everyone associated with the event was as pleasant as could be.

Things to be improved upon: when I bought tickets I read what was included. And many things were listed. One of those was tea leaf readings. It said, “Included with admission”, however, when we got to that table, tea leaf reading was $20. It was a bit disappointing. They just need to be a bit clearer about what was included and what was merely accessible with admission. A few other things: wheelchair rental would have been nice, a place to eat that looked like the dining hall at Hogwart’s would have been fun rather than that little tea room, which was very cute, but suited better for very small children rather than older ones.

That said, we are going again next year. We are very excited to see what the wonderful Wizards in Ironton will whip up for everyone in 2020. We all want to say thank you for putting on such a great event. This Dragon and family will be back again roaring to go!

Until tomorrow I remain, Drakon T. Longwitten, your humble Book Dragon

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  1. It was a very great pleasure to make the acquaintance of such a noble dragon. I enjoyed our conversation greatly, and am glad you had a wonderful time at Wizardfest. I know the organizers worked very hard to make it an enjoyable event for everyone, and they appreciate your kind words of their event.

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