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Freakish Friday

3 Flames

Welcome to Freakish Friday my Fellow Book Dragons. I hope your week has gone well and you are indulging in a bit of relaxation. Our Gem this evening is very like chrome tanzanite in it’s raw state, rather vulgar and ugly to look at, but it’s title is really cool. The Gem Maker, Mark Miller, does give One a bit of warning, however, when he describes himself as a ‘librarian of fortune, married to an anthropomorphic squirrel’. One gets a tale written by exactly that kind of thinker.

“The Librarian at the End of the World” is not for those who like nice, neat thinking complete with a story line that makes sense, all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed and every thing follows a logical path toward a happy ending that would make my old college prof faint with glee. What One gets is more like a Beatnik (look that up Millennials and younger) on acid wrote far too many poems for his favorite Coffee House, then spent too much time in his old age channel surfing old television shows like The FBI Story and Showtime After Dark, then found his old IBM Selectric and sat down one Beefeater soaked evening and wrote this book. Except, the author appears to be a Millennial several decades from now. He does have exceptionally good taste in literature though.

This is one of the absolutely most freakishly odd books I have ever read. I really did like it. I would have loved it if not for the F bomb going off every time I turned a page. It gets old and tiresome, at least for me. As did the pornographic scenes, not a lot, but still too much and it got old quick. Laughter, at least for me, really is some of the best medicine and putting those two things in the mix is putting poison in the medicine, to paraphrase the comic genius Red Skelton.

This tale is funny, witty and in some spots downright brilliant. There are lines like “The suit fits like meringue on pie” isn’t that delicious? Ramdas Bingaman is the Hero’s name. His wife Colletta arranges for him to get a month off work because he has been working too hard and she wants to take him away for a month’s vacation. But Ramdas, Librarian and fortune maker, has other ideas. He wants to find his brother’s killer.

What happens for here on out is an adventure that would have blown the mind of some of the greatest of literature’s mind blowers if they could get past the porn and language. There is one of the strangest Insurance Conventions on the planet, a Speed Bathing competition (I think, that part is a tad murky) and a cast of really weird characters. If beatnik’s, outlandish sci-fi and not making sense of it all is your cup of tea, this is the book for you.

Remember, find out about December’s giveaway by going to my December 1st post! Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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