Throwback Thursday

5 Flames

Welcome, My Fellow Book Dragons, to Throwback Thursday, where we examine a Gem that takes us back in time. Tonight’s is quite exquisite, having been found in some wreckage of a cruise ship. It is part of a strand of beautiful pink rosary beads. Perhaps they came apart after being in the water, perhaps they pulled apart by the person praying them, who knows? But hold them and you can feel a bit of panic mixed with hope and a rush of adrenalin. This is Gem Makers’ Greg King and Penny Wilson’s “The Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria”.

I have never read so comprehensive a text on this particular event. This is a delight to study. I never felt as though I were reading, but more as if I were learning at the table of someone who had actually been there. Many books have been written on the Titanic and in great detail, but most, I have found on the Andrea Doria were more text like in their presentation and a bit boring.

King and Wilson did a wonderful job of explaining cruise ships both before and after WWII, I felt as if I were on each deck. The people who were on the ship the day of the sinking, and what they were doing was as real to me as if I were onboard.

This is a lovely book. If you are looking for something to widen your knowledge, increase your horizons, or just something quite fun and exciting to read, this is it! “The Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria” is definitely different and quite a tale.

Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I received my copy of this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway. Thanks to #StMartinsPress

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