Freakish Friday

5 Flames

Welcome to Freakish Friday, my Fellow Book Dragons..this has been a very Freakish Week indeed! I do hope you are getting on well! Remember we have two giveaways currently going on..The Tess Thompson Giveaway and The April Giveaway just started this evening! Get in on those! On to our Gem. I am going to take it carefully out of it’s box, which itself is quite beautiful. The box is made of Mangrove, a swamp tree with deep and twisted roots that connects with all the tree roots around it. It has been inlaid with Mother of Pearl and Gold. The box is lined with fine red satin. And here is the Gem, not an actual Gem, so be careful. It’s a Gator tooth, polished and shined and sharp as a razor. See how it picks up the light? When you hold it, you can feel vibrations and a twinge as though it’s reading your thoughts, perhaps it is. Best to give it back before you start dreaming about it tonight in your sleep. This is Gem Maker Kami Boley’s “Birth of the Gator” (Disturbing History Book 1).

This is a tale that will dive deep into your soul’s belly and live there for awhile after you have put this tale to bed. It is the story of a Mulatto woman and her son and their gift of ESP. She understands it, he doesn’t. She will give up what is most precious to her to give him the chance of a lifetime. He will grow up with Hobo’s and Mobsters.

Set in the ’40s and ’50s Boley effortlessly weaves history with fiction. What do Nazi’s and Communist’s have to do with Louisiana Bayous? What does New Orleans Voodoo have to do with the CIA? Her prose is perfect and maintains an edge that kept me on the edge of my tail for most of the book. I wanted to know more of these people. I wanted to know what happened to the children, to Beulah – Mulatto woman and her friend Mouse. I not only wanted to, I needed to.

Beulah will become something she never dreamed..Her son will become “The Gator”. And what is a Gator? A deadly thing, a never completely satisfied beast, but how could a boy so loved, so gentle, so obedient become a beast? You’ll have to read it to find out because I will never tell. We reptiles stick together, you know, professional courtesy.

This is currently available in both paperback and Kindle. Both extremely affordable. I would encourage to get it today. There is a Part II that will be reviewed here soon. Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I purchased this book for my library after winning Part II in a contest. I wanted to know how all this started and I was not disappointed.

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