April Giveaway! Q #3 4/6

Q #3. In murder mysteries, horror and the like someone is always getting him or herself killed…you are now an author, you have been contracted to write a murder mystery where you fictionalized your worst enemy and kill them off. How do you do it? You may be as creative as you like. Please limit yourself to two paragraphs. I did this once before and someone practically wrote a novel..There are no right or wrong answers. Good luck!

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  1. Killing my worst enemy isn’t going to be as easy as I think. She’s tricky and smart so it’ll have to be something either extremely diabolical or absolutely simple. Or maybe both. And then hopefully she doesn’t figure it out until it’s too late. Because she always figures it out, all the tricks and traps. So I started with simple – a little rat poison in her morning coffee. That was easy, I make her coffee for her every single day. That step she missed that caused her to break her wrist – I loosened it a few days before. I’ve put a little hole in her brake line – big enough that a little fluid leaks out every day. I did that about a month ago, so it should be drained just enough now. Little thing, coincidental things.
    The kicker – oh you’ll like this – the one that will finally get her – are the bees. She’s deathly allergic, like epipens all over allergic. But I’ve hidden them – all but one. And that’s in the one in her purse because that would have been too noticeable. The bees are in her car, the heating vents to be exact. And it’s cool out this morning so she’ll turn the heat on. So now I wait. That’s the hardest part – the waiting. But I waited the others out, so I can be patient for her.

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  2. Ever been stuck working with somebody really lazy, and everyone else is thinking “Would it kill them to do something?” Actually working them to death sounds pretty good.


  3. I carefully and methodically plan how I will do it. I will put rat poison in her tea; she’ll leave to get to the hospital and drive off a cliff because she’s so sick. The car explodes and bursts into flames leaving nothing left, thus a perfectly committed murder.


  4. I would secretly expose them to a deadly disease that would take time to develop and be especially dangerous to that particular person. (I have been in self-isolation too long).

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  5. I actually wrote about this in my short story, “Creative Writing” for Twilight Zone Magazine. In it, the heroine has an overbearing husband and a magical typewriter. She types something along the lines of “I am a single woman” and her wretched husband disappears. No muss, no fuss. I still like the notion. LOL

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