Freakish Friday

Welcome to Freakish Friday my Fellow Book Dragons! Another week has passed and we are again late in the evening and looking toward the witching hour. Our Gem this evening is akin in color to amethyst. But look deeper and it’s color runs closer to that of Sanguinarine, also known as Bloodroot, a deep, deep […]

Throwback Thursday

My Fellow Book Dragons! Welcome to Throwback Thursday…are you ready to travel back in time and leave this modern world behind? Our Gem this evening will do just that for you. See this Gem? It is quite beautiful..the color of deep green fields and hues of splendid blue skies. This is “Redway Acres: Book 1 […]

Tea Time Tuesday

Welcome back my Fellow Book Dragons. It is once again Tea Time Tuesday and our Gem this evening is truly ancient and beautiful. A small hawk carved from Ivory found in Seti’s Temple, it is magnificent. Take it from it’s tiny sarcophagus, feel the power emanating from it? Be careful not to hold it too […]

Mystery Monday

Mystery Monday it is, my Most Marvelous Book Dragons! I do hope the start of this week hasn’t been too tough on you, but if it has and you are looking for a bit of escape..this evening’s Gem may prove to be just what the doctor ordered. Tonight’s Gem is Ruby Red. It’s facets shining […]