April Giveaway Winner Awarded!

Hello Book Dragons! As promised, I am taking a moment out of my sabbatical from an undisclosed location (let’s leave it at I saw a tall White Wizard who said to tell you “Hello”) to announce the winner of our April Giveaway! Without further ado.. The Winner Is…. Julie-Anne Theissen! Congratulations, Julie-Anne! You will need to contact me by private message to give me your mailing address.

Thanks always to those who participated! I loved all your answers! I will announce what we will be doing for May upon my return. Have a lovely and safe next few days! As always I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

April Giveaway and Some Musings

I will be picking the April Giveaway winner in a little less than 40 minutes from now. I hope you have had fun answering the questions this past month. I know all of this has been rather hard on some of you, whether because you had to stay in or because you had to be constantly out. Let us pray May is better.

About this time of year, Dragons become a bit much for Human Consumption, we get a bit surly, a little addle-brained and a bit over tired. We need greener pastures, a trip to Middle Earth often does the trick, failing that, some of us will go to Wales if we can find a quiet sunny spot, some of us just pick a nondescript mountain range. Be mindful! If you think you see a dragon just out of the corner of your eye, you probably did!

I’m going on a short sabbatical and will be back on May 6th with Tea Time Tuesday! Have a lovely, lovely weekend! I will be on very briefly to announce the winner at some point tomorrow.

As always! I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

April Giveaway! LAST QUESTION!

Penny Dreadful Cover

Hello My Fellow Book Dragons! Penny Dreadfuls (not the short lived TV show of the same name) were a real part of literary history. They were shocking stories and/or adventures that were illustrated in a most shocking manner (for the time period) and sold for a penny. Here is our last question for April. Was there an actual crime said to be influenced by Penny Dreadfuls and if so..what was the crime?

I will be closing the contest at 11:59 PM EST and will announce the winner 5/1. GOOD LUCK ALL!

Whimsical Wednesday

4 Flames

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday my Fellow Book Dragons. This evening’s Gem is a Witch Ball made of beautiful, clear, clean glass. There are faery lights in this one, but the ball seems to be stained with a find mist, as though there is a curse upon it. There is indeed, a death curse. This is Dragon Feeder Traci Wilton’s ‘Mrs. Morris and the Witch”, the second in her Salem B&B Series.

What a wonderful, whimsical little cozy. Charlene and Jack the Ghost are back at Charlene’s lovely Salem, Massachusetts Inn with a packed house and opening just in time for Halloween, only there is a major fly in the ointment. A dead Witch.

Will Charlene and Jack and handsome Detective Sam be able to solve this one as they did in the first book of the series? This is a delightful new series by Traci Wilton. If you haven’t started them yet now is the perfect time. This one is particularly enjoyable because it is also kid friendly.

Treat yourself this week and get Mrs. Morris and the Witch to keep you company. Although some places will start to open, others will be taking awhile, make your stay indoors enjoyable with this cozy.

Watch later as I am posting the last Giveaway Question for April! Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a copy of my book through #jackieandangelasbookreview . My opinion is my own.

Tea Time Tuesday

5 Flames

Hello my Fellow Book Dragons! Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday..I do apologize for the lateness of the hour, but the Spouse and I had a rather hardy tea with our grandnestlings, something we have not done in months – I am sure some of you will understand completely – and I fell asleep after – bother! I do have a rather fine Gem for you all this evening, too, another reason I was so sleepy. The five flame Gems are keeping me up later and later devouring them. I am gaining weight, but it is well worth it!

Tonight’s Gem is made from the finest crystals, they have been heated at the highest degrees in the deepest recesses of Mt. Doom and spun into the rainbow colored Spider’s Web you see before you. It looks like actual silk, but its not. I must ask you not to touch, it will break if you so much as put a claw on it. I keep it under this observation glass for a reason. Let me tell you it’s story, but first let me tell you it’s maker and name. This is Second Generation Gem Maker Leslie Rule’s “A Tangled Web”.

The Rule name is Royalty in this Cave and so should be familiar to you all. Her mother was Ann Rule. The Queen of True Crime. The Dragon Feeder. The Gem Maker of “The Stranger Beside Me” about her relationship with Serial Killer “Ted Bundy”. Leslie inherited her mother’s genes. She is the Heiress, a Gem Maker and is now a Dragon Feeder, in her own right! But first let me tell you that Leslie is no Jester in a courtroom. Many of the courtroom pictures in her mother’s books were taken by a very young Leslie. So now that we have discussed her pedigree and credentials, let us discuss her talent and her Gem.

I loved this book in every appropriate sense. This is the story of a killer. It is true. This killer used the internet to manipulate many people to her own ends. She was expert at it, but it’s fine, invisible strings and metaphorical webbing to make some people dance like puppets on strings. She kept others at arms length and still kept others as close as you and I are now and could have run a knife straight through them..had she wished… but ahhh…why would she? All the better to control you with, My Dear.

I cannot tell you more without telling you all and you know me, I never spoil a good meal for any of you. And as I said, this one is delicious! This book was tight, well written, clinical in the right spots, warm and caring in them as well. Just like the best true crime I have ever read, most of it by another Dragon Feeder named Rule. Leslie, welcome, we loved having you and want you back time and again…you know.. I believe you have your mother’s smile and her writing!

Book Dragons, this goes on sales today at bookstores everywhere! It comes in Kindle, Audible, Hardback and CD! Get this one, it will keep you one the edge of your tail for quite til the end!

Until tomorrow, when I will post the last question for the April Giveaway, I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I received this book from Bookish First and #citadelpress. My opinion is my own.

Mystery Monday

5 Flames

Hello My Fellow Book Dragons! I have a real treat for you this evening! Our Gem is akin to an Agate, the official Gem of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where our tale takes place. It has many layers, some very beautiful, some so thin and fine it is hard to see them at first glance, we have to look carefully and read between the lines. This is not your average mystery, this is a good, old fashioned WHODUNIT, this is Gem Maker John Caudill’s “Who Killed Harlan Parker?”

Let me start out by saying, I loved this tale! Loved it, ate it up and digested it in less than 48 hours, made myself wait to read the ending because I wanted to mull it over and make sure I had chosen the right suspect before reading the end. I do something that non-Book Dragons (yes, my lovely beasties, there really are such beings in the world, shudder the thought) would find odd. When I get hold of a grand whodunit, after reading six chapters, I write down my suspect and put the name in an envelope. Then as the book goes on, I write down the clues and may or may not change my suspect. In this case, I was indeed right, but I must tell you I was sorely tempted on four separate occasions to change my suspect. This has only happened a few other times – with Christie, Doyle, Banner and Cornwall. Fantastic!

If someone does not snatch this up and make it into a movie then the people in London or Hollywood or wherever they do such things now, are idiots! I reiterate – I D I O T S! This tale is that good. This is John Caudill’s debut novel. It will not be the last time we hear from him, at least I hope he continues to write these whodunits. The world needs far more of these. Fun to read, wonderful characters, a great little town with just the right amount of the good and the bad, the villain is off’d and most things become right with the world. Ahh, Mrs. Christie, we miss ya!

This is the tale of a lawyer whom everyone hates. There is no sorrow when he dies. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. He has hurt, cheated, angered, insulted, used and maimed (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc) everyone he has ever come across. Harlan Parker is the Scrooge of the modern world. And one fine day he comes up dead. As a doornail to quote Mr. Dickens. But who? Who is the person who did this wonderf –eh hmm – I mean, terrible, awful deed? Who is it? That my lovelies is for you to find out. And find out you must! I dare any of you to read the prologue (a mysterious poem) and the first two chapters of this book and not finish it.

Treat yourself to a trip into the Kentucky countryside, where trees grows tall, horses run behind pristine white fences, the air is scented with beautiful flowers and dirty lawyers get what is coming to them. “Who Killed Harlan Parker?” is one of the best whodunits I have ever read and that is saying something because I read voraciously as you know and I am picky. It’s available now, wherever great books are sold! Again I say, keep it up Mr. Caudill, please, your readers need you!

Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a review copy of this book at my request. My opinion is my own.


Giveaway Was 4/1 -4/8

Janine L. congratulations! Janine won by following the directions on Tess Thompson’s Author and Book Spotlight Day! She chose Blue Moon for her Audio Book and Tea & Primroses for her eBook! Great job, happy listening!

Remember Book Dragons, we still have 4 Days until the big April Giveaway! New Question tomorrow night!

Drakon T. Longwitten

Freakish Friday

5 Flames

It is once again Freakish Friday, My Fellow Book Dragons and this Friday is especially Freakish. Look at this Gem. It looks as though it is made of Ivory. A small cube, a die, carved with odd symbols. Hold it in your claw and it feels warm. Hold it too long and it cools the blood to ice. That’s it, yes, best to put it back in the black velvet bag it came from. But it’s not Ivory, it’s made from bone, human bone. It is formed of magick. This is Gem Maker and Dragon Feeder Michael Clark’s “Dead Woman Scorned” and is the second book in the ‘Patience of a Dead Man’ tale.

First, I want to let you know, at the end of this review there is a link to an interview with Michael about his third and final book in the series “Anger is An Acid”. You won’t want to miss it.

A first happened with ‘Dead Woman Scorned”. For the first time ever, in all my long years of reading, the sequel warranted a 5+! Unfortunately, my rating system only goes to a 5. Millie is unlike any antagonist I have ever read. I have never felt my heart strings pulled over a character as nasty as she is. Michael did it. He made me sorry for her.

Tim and Holly are finally free of Millie at the farm, or are they? Is this a respite or are they truly liberated? Will she let them live in the peace they have worked so hard to earn or will she decide that no one shall have peace?

The Simmons’ family is back in the picture as well. Seems Elizabeth has a great-grand nephew. Wonder how that will turn out? He’s a police officer. Will he be the one to solve the case of Millie and his aunt?

Oh Book Dragons! What a lovely, horrible, cold, terrifying bit of book this is. Four hundred pages that flew by far too quickly! I stayed up far into the night and on into the next day to finish this one! And you will, too! And it’s currently available on Kindle Unlimited for FREE! And Amazon has KU for 60 days FREE! Now is the time to get your deal. If you are like me and love to keep and read books like this again and again, you will definitely want to pick up the paperback, which is definitely reasonably priced.

Now for the interview link I promised you at the beginning: https://www.ericarobynreads.com/interview-with-michael-clark/?fbclid=IwAR1sFQ4O0tZ1KCg-5LbtbprG8twNoczBYEx7UtuZG6Bd8on9JSaQeeolaMQ

Enjoy! Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a review copy of this book from the author #MichaelClark . My opinions are my own.

Throwback Thursday

5 Flames

Hello My Fellow Book Dragons! This evening’s Gem was brought to me from sunny Florida by way of Philly. A beautiful gold wedding band. It is glows from afar, but will dim the eye and weigh down the heart when worn. It belonged in the era of Bootleggers and Speakeasies and it’s aura still weigh’s heavily on anyone who dares to don it. This is Gem Maker Sherilyn Decter’s “Gathering Storm”. It is Book I of the Rum Runners’ Chronicles.

Within these pages you will meet no ordinary set of women or men for that matter. These are the wives of the elite of Prohibition. Esta Seigel, Anna Lansky, Mae Capone and more. These women sported the rings the and names of the biggest men in Organized Crime. They are the Royalty of Rum Running. And this is the tale of one who chose to strike out on her own after her husband was gunned down. Edith Duffy, widow of Mickey Duffy, the King of Philly.

Edith isn’t like the others. She didn’t start out sitting around waiting for Mickey to buy her or steal her furs and diamonds. She went on gigs with Mickey. She was shot at and shot back. She helped drive the trucks and hide the hooch. She took the same risks as Mickey and his men. Edith is daring, brave and a little crazy. I loved her.

If you love nonstop action, intrigue and a woman who goes after what she wants and strikes out on her own in a period piece where there is a bullet, a mobster or a cop around every corner, this is for you. Decter has done her homework. Nothing is wasted. I have studied the Prohibition years and this is spot on. Three cheers for Decter and Edith. In her author’s note, Decter takes time to explain how she did her research and why. She also explains where to follow her for the next books in the saga.

Get Book I now and be prepared for Book II! I can’t wait, and you shouldn’t either! Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon,

Drakon T. Longwitten

I received a review copy of this book from #GatheringStorm #SherilynDecter through #HFVBTBlogTours.

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